Buying real estate is not a risk-free financial commitment. Beyond issues like Japanese knotweed identification, there is a range of other threats. While you may be trying to get a real agent so that they can assist in locating the best real estate, there are challenges that you may face. Some of the challenges for real estate agents are:

Identity Fraud
Whether you’re dealing with a real estate agent or directly with the owner, make sure to avoid identity-based challenges. There are a number of different tricks people use to exploit your identity. Ask to see original ID cards and proofs of identity and position before agreeing to any transaction. If anyone asks for your identification number or bank details online or via phone, do NOT provide them because legitimate dealers will never ask you to conduct any conversation in such a manner.

Money/Investment Fraud
This is one of the top challenges for real estate agents. At the time, untrustworthy real estate agents give you inaccurate values for the property so you end up paying more. Make sure to conduct thorough research of the market rates before investing your money. Ask other agents and experienced investors for the market condition, check different portals and consult friends and family because this is a big decision. Other challenges for real estate agents to avoid when it comes to money is related to the actual condition of the house. Property dealers and owners may try to convince you of the benefits of that property and hide its problems to increase its value in your eyes, but investigate each claim before agreeing to a deal.

Ownership and Title Fraud
Unfortunately, this is one of the common frauds while buying property. The agent or broker who is handling your transaction can get fake ownership documents made or someone can pose as the owner of an empty house and show you a fake title deed. This way, you can end up losing your money and getting nothing in return. Verify each original deed and ownership proof legally and check the property registration information. Don’t fall for excuses that the owner is out of the country or unavailable because that is used by middlemen to take advantage of you. They may also look to hide issues with the site, such as Japanese knotweed identification having happened.

Rental Frauds
There are a number of ways people take advantage of unsuspecting tenants. You might be trapped into renting a house that is already for sale or marked for foreclosure. When a previous tenant has defaulted on their rent, they might convince you to rent out the property and escape with the rent money you deposit. This way, you’ll be forced to be evicted when the house is foreclosed. Other times, the agent might try to take your rental deposit and run away with it because they’re not the actual dealers qualified to broker that property. Always ask for authentic licenses and meet the owner directly before exchanging any cash.

Fake Housing Projects or Unavailable Housing Schemes
Sometimes you can get caught up in the market hype surrounding a new and emerging housing society where plots are up for sale at low prices. You might even be contacted by so-called representatives of these schemes and asked to deposit an amount to secure your place in the housing lottery. Before you invest any money, make sure to visit these projects in person and verify the developer’s identity. At times, the same plot is being sold to multiple people at the same time, sucking in your money and giving no return.