Is a solar battery a good house investment?

Is a solar battery a good house investment?
Is a solar battery a good house investment?

You might be considering using solar batteries as a household investment but you also wonder if they’re worth the time and energy to have them installed. After all, the installation of anything solar powered can get rather expensive but is the initial cost worth it? Today we are going to discuss using a smart battery and solar power as a household investment. Once we are done, it’s up to you, the consumer, to decide if you wish to spend the money on solar power, or not.

What is Solar Power?

Solar power, is, of course, the use of the sun to power your home. Solar power uses the energy from sunlight and it converts it into energy that the consumer uses. Photovoltaic cells convert the light into an electric current using something called the photovoltaic effect. What is the photovoltaic effect? To put it simply, it’s the creation of voltage and electric current in a material that is exposed to light. Most homes receive their power through solar panels that are installed on the roof of a home. It’s not unusual however to see solar panels placed outside the home, on a grid that sits in the yard.

What are Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries are batteries that store extra solar power so that you can harness that power at a later date. Some batteries are even installed inside solar panels to create a secondary source of power for a home or business.

How is Energy Stored in the Battery?

A solar battery as a household investment works by converting the DC energy that is produced in your solar panels and storing it for later use as AC power. In many cases, the batteries contain their own inverter that offers energy conversion. The higher the capacity of your battery, the more energy the battery is able to store.

If you choose to install a solar battery as a household investment you have the ability to store solar energy for use at a later date. It won’t go back to the grid like it usually does. That being said, excess energy is returned to the grid if it’s not used. It is also stored for use at a later date and many times you’ll be able to get a credit on your electric bill. If you happen to go over your usage, you can use this credit as a resource to take care of your bill.

Cost of Solar Batteries?

In 2018 the cost of solar energy has begun to drop, all across the country. Before you make a decision about solar energy consider the cost. The average price of a smart battery is £3,000 to £6,000​ These are simply the prices for the batteries, different companies may or may not include the cost of installation or other equipment that you might need. Solar batteries are a brand new type of technology and the price is dependent on the materials that the batteries themselves are made of.  To make the best-informed decision about buying solar batteries as a household investment take a look at the ​Battery models database – Energy Storage Networks​.

Should you Install a Solar Battery as a Household Investment?

Despite the initial cost, you will in time save money when you install a solar battery as a household investment. The level depends on your electric company and how they operate. Most utility companies monitor your use of electricity at full net metering which means you’ll receive a credit for every kilowatt-hour of electricity that your solar panels and/or batteries produce, giving savings on your electric bill if you choose to install solar batteries.

After taking this into consideration, you may not want to install batteries and only rely on solar panels instead. Installing solar batteries as a household investment might not be the investment for you. Before making a decision take into consideration the cost of the batteries, the cost of installation and all of the equipment you might need to be able to store excess energy for your home. If this decision is right for you, it’s best to get several estimates before opening up your wallet. Weigh the pros and cons before making such an expensive investment