Immotion VR

Virtual Reality (VR) is the ship that is helping mankind sail through the uncanny valley. Taking illusion a step further, VR is the wave of the future that holds a lot of potential in entertainment, medicine, and other fields. Since its inception, Virtual Reality has been fascinating us with its almost limitless potential in combining the physical world with the digital.

VR software‌‌, in essence, is an experience. The stimulation of senses allows the perfect illusion to become real, even though the subject is fully aware of it being an illusion. This is what makes a perfect illusion, where even the realization is not able to convince the subject that what he is experiencing is not real but just a trick, a sleight of hand. Immotion VR is an established name in the UK and their simulators are commonplace in arcades and casino all over England. It was this widespread popularity that drew Al Hokair to Immotion VR and what the executives at Al Hokair saw, was enough to impress them. Immotion already had high profile clients like Legoland which added to their reputation. These high profile clients along with the experience that Al Hokair’s executives had with the simulators designed by Immotion cemented the deal for the two companies.

Immotion VR is a UK based company specializing in VR. The company, although recent, has left an indelible mark in the VR world. They are known for their mesmerizing storytelling along with state-of-the-art technology and graphics.

A deal was brokered between the Salford based VR specialists and Al Hokair, a Saudi based operator on November 21, 2018. The partnership hopes to raise the popularity of VR in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The initial phase of the deal includes establishing four VR centers across Saudi and UAE. The deal was finalized at the IAAPA Amusement Expo, Orlando.

VR involves simulations that feel real. Immotion VR was chosen by Al Hokair because of the quality of their simulations and the professional attitude of the company. The four VR centers across Saudi will hold a minimum of twelve machines, each machine with a different simulation package. The VR centers are expected to become operational in the early months of 2019. The advent of VR in the UAE is pretty recent and Al Hokair plans on capitalizing on this by exposing the public to the attractions offered by VR and then expanding the VR business in partnership with Immotion VR.

Sparky’s, the Family Entertainment Centre (FEC) owned by Al Hokair will be the first site to host the VR simulators. Sparky’s is already a popular venue, especially with young kids and is perfectly suited for the introduction of VR in Saudi. As kids get interested in VR, the likelihood of them developing an affinity for it is quite high and according to Al Hokair, they are making the right investment by partnering with Immotion VR.

Rod Findley, the Commercial Director of Immotion VR is convinced that VR will be an extremely successful venture in the UAE and Saudi. The director also added that their content was not outsourced and was created in studios owned by the company in Manchester and Los Angeles. According to Findley, the quality of their content is what sets them apart from their peers and was pivotal in getting the contract with Al Hokair.