The rise of 3D printing technology

The rise of 3D printing technology
The rise of 3D printing technology

3D print technology is not new, its first application dates back to 1984. The Repaper project, which began in 2006, reached a much larger mass. Thanks to this project, many common users, amateurs, local cultures have a three-dimensional printer.

How does a 3D printer work?

1. Simulation: the product that will be created is created using 3D programs (CAD) or 3D scanning systems. The generated model involves immersive VR and is usually converted to the STL file.

2. 3D printing: 3D printing places objects on top of each other. In modern technology, these layers can be made in various ways, such as plastic melts, laser sintering, stenography. The machine is divided into layers with the partitioning software prepared in the STL file to follow the path in the order of these layers.

3. Optimization of areas: objects made with 3D printers can have a smaller dimension compared to traditional technologies.

3D printer technology

This method uses thermoplastic polymer materials (PLA, ABS) that can be formed by heating. Thanks to this technology, the maximum resistance of the material in the group of plastic materials are achieved. In FDM technology, it is sufficient to work on the creation of suspension structures for drops in the air.

In SLS technology, FDM is produced as a built-in powder that is used as a raw material. Therefore, many models do not require the substrate material to be used. However, it is relatively slow compared to FDM. Therefore, the smooth surface of the powder should be placed for each layer. The head of the distributor moves very slowly to ensure even distribution of the powder, which can increase the total production time.

What can be done with the 3D printer? What are the fields of application?

There are no limits to your 3D printer. For example, you can print a vase that you designed for your flowers or find ready-made designs. You can place a 3D print on the body of a robot that you think you will make it, or you can even do the whole body with 3D printing. As? The robot arm application created by us is shown as an example of how immersive VR can draw you into an experience. As already mentioned, the areas of application of the 3D printer are not limited to this. With the 3D printer, printed chocolates, you can get your own chocolates. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Agency) astronauts get the materials they need by pushing them from a special 3D printer they’ve sent into space.

3D printer technology has also been found in wearable technologies and textiles. In orthopaedic solutions, accessories such as clothing, watches and bracelets, 3D Printing technology / immersive VR is used. Famous sports brands have recently produced series that use 3D printing on the soles of athletic shoes and in various areas.

In the medical field, the developments are very positive. With the 3D printer, special anatomical models of prostheses and diseases are obtained. It even made a 3D print body. In the Netherlands, the skull of a 23-year-old patient is replaced by a hand-made 3D skull, and the result is the patient’s positive response to the operation. Finally, it is also possible to build a house with a 3D printer. Win Sun in China, the company with a 3D printer worth $5,000 a day to build a total of 10 homes, was successful.